Nir Baram interview on Leo Zuckermann’s TV show in Mexico

June 7, 2014

Nir Baram’s interview on Leo Zuckermann’s TV show in Mexico. A conversation about “Good people” and other things..

Click here to watch the full interview:
Nir Baram interview by Leo Zuckermann

“A literary miracle” – Hanoch Marmari writes about World Shadow

Hanoch Marmari the former editor of Haaretz in an article about World Shadow in’The Seventh Eye Journal’ : “A literary miracle, a novel that builds a glorious floor above the capitalist mall inside which we all lost our way. Amongst other subjects Nir Baram’s novel World Shadow deals with a group of anarchists that manage to corrupt, through a series of sloppy events, art works in museums and to capture for one moment the attention of millions.”

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Paperback edition | DTV

Good People paperback edition published in Germany by DTV

Nir Baram’s novel “Good People” (Gute Leute) paperback edition was published in Germany on 1.6.2014 by DTV publishing house. The hardcover edition was published by Carl Hanser Verlag.