Will the world remain the same after 11.11?

A group of young Londoners – homeless, unemployed, disillusioned idealists and dejected outcasts – decides to execute a global strike of one billion people that will astonish the world. Will their actions bring about the destruction of the existing order or are they just the incidental heralds of the inevitable?

Gabriel Mantzur, who was born in Jerusalem in the 60’s and orphaned at young age, joins a group of businessmen with whom he endeavors to seize the golden opportunities that emerge in the 90’s, an era of peace and globalization in Israel. Mantzur earns the trust of influential figures and gradually becomes part of Israel’s upper echelons of power, but the higher he goes the less he understands the intrigues in which he is involved.

An American corporation specializing in global political consulting, maneuvers between campaigns in Bolivia, Congo and the US, until forces from the past threaten to expose the happenings behind the scenes of this seemingly liberal organization, forcing the corporation to move focus to averting its disgraceful downfall.


These are the three forces at the heart of Nir Baram’s new novel, World Shadow, which are masterfully intertwined to a point of inescapable collision.


World Shadow shifts between the 80’s of the previous century and the 2nd decade of the 21st century, revealing the global system that we are all subjected to. An array of literary devices is used to decipher the powers controlling the economical-political global network and delineate the transformations it has undergone in the past decades.

World Shadow is a brilliant novel that is rich with possibilities and ideas. It portrays protagonists who devour life with passion, hope and ferocity. The novel juggles between different writing styles and viewpoints, creating a vast web of connections and relations between its various parts, much like the global system it depicts.

World Shadow shifts between time and space, between the forces that gain from the existing order and those who challenge it, thereby outlining the inevitable tension between the individual and the system; between a person’s given freedom to choose his own path in the world and the looming possibility of getting lost along the way.

In August 2013 Nir Baram published his new novel “World Shadow”. The novel became a best-seller immediately, and received raving reviews which all agreed that this is Nir Baram’s best novel so far. Only a month after it was published the novel was chosen as the Book of the Year by TimeOut magazine and SufSahvua magazine.

In August and September the book hit number 2 on The Bestsellers lists.
In October World Shadow hit number 1 on the Bestselleres lists.


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