Reviews about ‘World Shadow’ from around the World.

May 24, 2022

‘A real literary achievement. Surely one of the most impressive novels written in Hebrew in the past years. It is a mind-blowing epos that raises big questions about the human spirit, democracy, morals and violence.’


‘A tremendous description of the evils, passions and hopes that shape the world today. One of the most ambitious novels I have ever read…You can hear in World Shadow echoes of Underworld by Don DeLillo. Echoes of rebellion…of great literature.’

       El País (Spain)

‘Some readers will feel this great novel predicted many aspects of Trump’s rise, and they would not be mistaken.’

         Österreichischer Rundfunk (Austria)

‘May be the most impressive novel that has been written about this era of discontent.’

        El Mundo (Spain)

‘The reader is captivated until the crushing end, thanks to Nir Baram’s great art…A masterpiece.’

     Deutschlandfunk (Germany)

‘A boundlessly ambitious novel. This is the Hamlet of the twenty-first century.’

      Volkskrant (Netherlands)

’For this novel, Baram deserves a place at the front line of modern literature.’

      NRC (Netherlands)

‘Baram is one of the best writers I have read in recent years.’

      Milenio (Mexico)

‘Nir Baram is the great revelation of the Hebrew language…One of the most important novels of our time. You read it and think of Balzac.’

      ABC (Mexico)

‘The best novel Baram has written so far, a brilliant literary achievement. World Shadow is asking the most important questions of our time.’

          Israel Today

World Shadow will be published in the US and UK, Septmeber-October, 2022

World Shadow, Nir Barams novel, will be published by ‘Text publishing House’ in the US and UK:

   “Chosen as one of the best 70 novels in the history of Israel” (Israel National Radio, Special judges panel).
     “chosen as one of the Best Israeli novels of the 21 century” (Mako).
    “chosen as one of the best 2 Israeli novels in the decade, 2010-2020 (Yediot Aharonot, Special panel of 25 literary critics)

‘At Night’s End’ was shortlisted for prestigious Wingate prize

At Night’s End was chosen to the short-list of the prestigious Wingate prize’ 2022



Also chosen: Nicole Krauss’s first short story collection ‘To Be A Man’ ; ‘Letters to Camondo’ by Edmund de Waal; ‘Judaism for the World’ by Arthur Green, and 3 other books.

“At Night’s End” is Longlisted for the prestigious JQ Wingate prize

December 20, 2021

“At Night’s End” by Nir Baram is Longlisted for the prestigious JQ Wingate prize.

Nicole Krauss, Nir Baram, David Grossman, Martin Puchner,  are among the nominees for the Wingate Prize for 2022 with their “powerful expressions of the diversity of Jewish experience”. The Jewish Quarterly-Wingate Literary Prize is an annual British literary prize inaugurated in 1977.

Baram’s novel was translated by Jessica Cohen, winner of the Booker award for 2017 and was published by ‘Text publishing’.

Past winners include VG Zebald, Zaidi Smith, Oliver Sachs, David Grossman and others.

Wingate doesn’t just recognise excellence in Jewish literature, it celebrates the rich diversity of Jewish life, creativity and thought. The entries this year represented that significantly. Our longlist was a real challenge to distil, as we had to choose 13 titles from some 70 entries.

“The World is a Rumor” is number 1 in the Best Sellers list

October 4, 2021

Nir Barams new novel “The world is a Rumor” Hit number 1 in the Best sellers list.

Review “The world is a rumor”

September 21, 2021

A dazzling portrait of wild youth and love one the one hand and of fatherhood and love on the other. Baram ability to crack open the nature of human existence’ the fascinating plot, the combination of Israeli reality and a world of mystery with a fantastic touch – are just part of the the book’s power. it is a contemporary and original masterpiece.

(writer and reviewer Anat Einhar, “Hebrew”, Critic choice)

“A wonderful and again wonderful novel. a book you can not stop reading, and will make every reader emotonal and with  desire to look at its life”

(Yoav Ginai, National Radio)

A moving, surprising. exiting novel that miraculously balance reality and imagination, a must Read!”

(Noam Partom, Ynet)

“Fatherhood, friendship, love and betrayal, politics, Corona, imagination and reality are all mixed up in this wonderful and exciting novel, just read it”

(Keren Agmon, “only Books”)

Review by the veteran critic Ran Ben-Nun. Yediot Aharonot. (29.8.2021)

“Yonathan, a writer in his early 40s, takes his son Itamar on a journey. They climb a mountain, where on the top of it: there is a man that can save him. Maybe.

Yonathan can not get rid of the memories that hunts him, he envisions all the time his best friend that committed suicide 4 years ago.

That’s how “The World is a Rumor” begins.

Yonathan askes the man from the mountain, who poses a dangerous talent, to muffle his memories, so they can be less lucid and painful. It’s not obvious that this is what he needs. But certainly, he needs a change: Yonathan is restless, angry, bursts on strangers with no reason, and it seems that the only thing he cares about is his son Itamar.

Baram goes back 20 years to the past, when after the army service – Yonathan and Yoel went to London together. Yoel at that time was in an eternal on and off relationship with Tali: their best friend from childhood and the painful part in a difficult, complicated impossible triangle between Yoel Yonathan and her. A triangle of love and betrayal that maybe led Yoel to this early death.

Baram is a magician of complicated and challenging relationships between human beings. It’s not clear why people are together or separate, but suddenly it happens – a light comes and with the light wonderful observations about people and their inner world that only Baram can describe in such a wonderful way. Clearly Baram is one of the top writers in Israel today.

In the Yonathan character, you can see the young Baram character who is sure that his first book was published only because of his father, a famous politician.

But The most important character that comes from Baram new novel is Yonathan the father, totally devoted to his son. In Barams novel fatherhood is total, existential, even spiritual, every fiber in Yonathan being is connected to this son. And when your marriage is torn apart, friendships collapse, and the world loses its meaning, all that you have is simply being a father.”

Nir Baram’s new novel “The World is a Rumor” was published in Israel on 25/8/2021

Nir Barams new novel “The world is a rumor” was published in Israel on the 25/8/2021.

“Land without Borderes” now available to viewers all around the world, with zoom events with Nir Baram.

July 27, 2020

Barams Oscar winning documentary now with English subtitles. 

People asked us about the documentary “Land without Borders” who won the Israeli Oscar in 2018 and describes Barams journey in the West Bank.
The documentary is based on his Book. So everyone was working hard to make it available for watching on demand.

Its a documentary made with no assistance from the movies foundation, which is rare and yet more than 150000 people watched it.

in these days it possible to book a Zoom event with Baram about the movie and the book.

to see tralier click read more:

Nir Barams interview in ‘Neuen Zürcher Zeitung’ -“you can Never know the person close to you”

March 27, 2020

Nir Baram in an interview to ‘Neuen Zürcher Zeitung’ about “Erwachen” (The German translation to “At Night’s End) and also talks about Corona and isolation, death, childhood and imagination, writing, fatherhood and how close the protagonist of “At Night End” to his experiences.

«Du weisst nicht, was im Inneren des Menschen vorgeht, der neben dir steht.» Nir Baram versucht, dieses Rätsel zu lösen

Zwei tiefe Verlusterfahrungen verarbeitet der israelische Autor in seinem neuen Roman. Er spricht über den Blick auf die Vergangenheit, die sich ständig verändert – und über die Gefahr, sich in ihr zu verlieren.

Cover 5 stars Review for “At Night’s End” in NRC: “Again Baram has written World literature”

February 29, 2020

“This book will crawl under your skin and will not let go”

The cover of the prestige NRC books supplement, one of Nederlands leading and most popular newspapers, was dedicated to “At Night’s End”. The headline: “Paradise in the Desert: again Nir Baram has written world literature” followed by a brilliant 5 stars review by Michel krielaars : the editor of the books supplement.

“In his new overwhelming novel, the great Israeli writer Nir Baram takes you to the depths of his soul . This book will crawl under your skin and will not let go”

“Again it results in an intriguing story, that excels in the deep psychology of the main characters and the deft composition. Again, Nir Baram has written world literature.”

“In the intensity in which Baram has written the novel and in the merciless manner in which he sets up the distant family ties, he literary equals Amos Oz, who also wrote about a mother who was inaccessible to her son in his autobiographical novel “A story of love and darkness”. It explains why Oz recognized Barams literary greatness when he read “Good People.”

to read the full review click read more

“a Great novel of compassion”

February 2, 2020

“The wonder kid of Israeli literature has become a man and now has the maturity to also write grippingly about matters close to him: the ill-fated friendship between two boys, the love for a girl, the death of a mother.

His deft touch, his brilliance and his sovereign outlook on Israel, Palestine and the people around him, we already knew about from his novels Good People and World Shadow.

Now he has written a great novel of compassion.”

(Review in HUMO. Jeroen Maris)

“Baram’s novels have the flair, emotional depth and wealth of ideas of the great 19th century Russian authors.”

January 28, 2020

“Baram’s novels have the flair, emotional depth and wealth of ideas of the great 19th century Russian authors. A complex, deeply felt but never sentimental Bildungsroman… A wonderful tribute to people dearest to him.”

First review for “At Nights End” translation to Dutch in the Belgian daily newspaper De Tijd written by Jan Dertaelen

A.B Yehoshua : Baram is the best writer in his generation with no comparison.

August 21, 2019

A.B Yehoshua : “Baram is the best writer in his generation with no comparison.”

Yehoshua (82) Israel most legendary writer today, also said in An interview in Italy: “Nir Baram is the best writer of his generation”

He Added in Israel: “I saw this a long time ago. He is not a writer of one or three or seven chords, he is a writer of so many different abilities.

“It’s simply amazing when I think about the differences in his novels, between the apocalyptic Remaker of Dreams and the lucid historical novel Good People, and then he changed everything through the different plots in World Shadow, and then in At Night’s End he wrote such a painful, personal story full of cruelty and emotion and brilliant insights about life and death and childhood.”

Watch it by clicking read more starting minute :20.00

At Night’s End was shortlisted for the Sapir prize

August 10, 2019

from Nir Barams 4 novels: 3 were shortlisted to the “Sapir Prize” the most prestigious literary prize in Israel: “The Remaker of Dreams”, “Good people” and “At night’s End”

“Land without Borders” wins the israle Oscar!

September 16, 2018

“Land without borders” the documentary film directed by Nir Baram and Michael Alalu and based on Nir Barams book had won the Israeli Oscar (The Ophir Award) for best documentary movie for 2017.  It is quite an achievement for such a controversial and independent film that was also made in 5 month without any assistance for all the Israeli movie funds. Until now more than 50000 people watch the movie in Israel.


Click read more to  see the moment the movie was announced as winner and Nir Baram speech

” Beautiful and wonderful”

July 14, 2018

Am Oved publishing House has publish in Haaretz literary section a one page advisement with just some of the great Reviews “At Nights End” has received.

“Baram’s most fascinating and moving book… A Beautiful and wonderful Novel.”

(Esti Adivi Shoshan, Ha’aretz)

“A spectacular accomplishment by one of the most wonderful Hebrew writers.”

(Alona Kimchi, Israel Today)

“The combination of honesty and lies, which the novel adapts from the tragic pact between the two boys, allows the words to accrue, to turn into pictures and scenes, into fine prose.”

(Yoni Livneh, Yediot Aharonot)

“A Very good novel… Everything is described with an honesty that lacks malice, under whose feet life’s moments of beauty are never trampled… One might say : Virtuosic.”

(Eran Horowitz, Walla!)

“Baram’s best novel. A wonderful and shocking book about the inability to talk, about a reality devoid of meaning, and about literature as the only way to live.”

(Maya Sela, Kan TV network)

“An impressive, profound, accurate book that touches the nerve-endings of emotion.”

(A.B. Yehoshua, Ha’aretz)

“A beautiful and sensitive novel. A complex and delicate relationship that begins in childhood and stretches out over many years.”

(Ayelet Klein Cohen, Israel Today)

“A rare book in Israel’s literary landscape… Depicts the past in the most profound way without a shred of romanticizing.”

(Dror Mishani, Maariv)

“One of the most beautiful bildungsroman books I have read. A novel about a profound and moving friendship, about pain and about life… Rush out to read it.”

(Keren Agmon, Saloona)

“In my opinion this is Baram’s finest book.”

(Kobi Meidan, Kan TV network)

“A novel that is at times poetry and at times a cutting wind… Only on truly rare occasions, with the same commitment and hunger, as in this unique book, do we stand facing ourselves, facing life, without lying.”

(Author Leah Aini)

“One might even say, virtuosic.”

July 13, 2018

“Literary criticism must answer one simple question: is the book good, and why? This is worth reiterating when approaching a novel like this one, which has only just emerged on the contemporary literary scene and has already garnered universal praise. Is this book good, then? Yes, it is good, even very good. But mostly, it is readable. Its style is uniform and clear and its insights are refreshing, at times cruel, but never descend into sentimental or histrionic confessions. Baram’s honesty is not cruel, and life’s moments of beauty are not trampled beneath its feet. Nevertheless, the book does contain plenty of grief, tedium, sorrow and decay. Yes, it is a novel whose range of emotions and conditions is remarkably broad–one might even say, virtuosic.”

Review in Walla by Eran Horowiz.



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“This choice is also realized in this wonderful and beautiful novel” -Review In Haaretz

June 18, 2018
“This choice is also realized in this wonderful and beautiful novel” Review in Haaretz literature and culture supplement by Esti Adivi Shoshan:
“In Baram’s new, fascinating and touching novel he narrows the worldwide perspective that ruled his previous works and focuses the story on a small neighborhood in Jerusalem. The story takes place in the 1980’s and tells the tale of two friends, two young men – depicted in three stages of life: late childhood while they study in the sixth grade, the last year of high school and adulthood – when the narrator is in his 30s, a married man, and a father.
The dual ending scene of the novel is told on the one hand by the narrator as a Tel Avivian young father that strolls every afternoon with his toddler son down Bugrashov street that opens up to the beach. And on the other hand, a happy scene of the narrator’s early childhood, where he lies with his brother and parents on a mat in the living room, while laughing and cuddling. This scene is a proof of a successful “awakening” process that the narrator has gone through and of the blissful parting from the picture of a father that sits his kid on a nest of wasps. The open sea and the mat on which the family lies down on as one organic body indicates choosing the now, choosing that which is tangible, choosing the daily duties and responsibilities of life. This choice is also realized in this wonderful and beautiful novel.”
To read the whole review click read more

Nir Baram interview about his new book in Haaretz English Edition

May 17, 2018

Nir Baram gave a substantive interview to Haaretz about his new novel and many other issues.


An Acclaimed Israeli Novelist Calls for a Moral Revolution

Nir Baram, whose new novel, ‘At Night’s End,’ is his most personal work yet, talks about the death of his mother and the suicide of his best friend, and what he has learned from interviewing settlers and Palestinians

At the age of 42, Nir Baram has already achieved the status of a leading Israeli writer. He is exceptional in the breadth and complex structure of his novels, whose plots unfold in different time dimensions, are mediated by means of multiple narrators and address political, moral and social issues.

Baram’s new Hebrew-language novel, “Yekitzah” (English title: “At Night’s End”; Am Oved Publishers), is his first personal work of fiction. It was preceded by “The Remaker of Dreams” (2006), “Good People” (2010) and “World Shadow” (2013). With their panoplies of characters, diverse locales and range of periods, those three novels recall Russian novels or other classical works, though with the addition of Baram’s distinctive style, rife with descriptions and metaphors….

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“One of the best coming of age novels I have ever read”

May 16, 2018

“One of the best coming of age novels I have ever read. A beautiful novel that describes the journey of a boy into adolescence in the midst of life’s turmoil – with the threatening progress of his mother’s disease, his longing for his estranged brother and his busy father, and above all his friendship with his best friend from childhood until they are both grown men.”


Review in Salona by Keren Agmon

“An unforgettable story of love, friendship, family and death.”  

May 12, 2018

The great Israeli  writer A.B Yehoshua about “At Night’s Eed: “One of the best coming of age novels I have read in years. Beautiful, touching, written with the integrity of a true writer. An unforgettable story of love, friendship, family and death.”


Yehoshua is the winner of numerous international prizes, The New York Times called him the “Israeli Faulkner”

Nir Baram new novel “At Night’s End” will be published in Israel on 1/5/2018

April 12, 2018

Nir Baram new novel “At Night’s End” will be published in Israel on 1/5/2018 by Am Oved publishing house.

A writer wakes up in a hotel room in an unfamiliar city. His clothes are muddy and he doesn’t know how long he’s been lying in bed. He came to participate in a literary festival that is long over—why is he still there? When he desperately attempts to reconstruct his lost days, he learns that he told people at the festival that his best friend had died.
Except that his friend is still alive.

This disorienting state launches the story of a profound friendship that begins in childhood and follows the intertwining life paths of two men. Over the decades, their journeys diverge and reconverge, as the imaginary worlds of their early days gradually fade but never vanish.

The protagonist, Yonatan, stays on in Mexico City, resisting the unavoidable return to his wife and infant son back home in Tel Aviv. Faced with the terrifying certainty that his closest friend, Yoel, is going to die, he struggles to preserve his sanity. But why does the impending death—which may or may not in fact happen—frighten him so much that he opts to stay in a foreign country far away from his family? And Why doesn’t he believe he can go back to Israel and save his childhood friend?

The narrative travels smoothly back and forth in time to depict a powerful friendship, its inevitable and painful dissolution, and the waning power of youthful imagination. Taking place in Israel, the events unfold under the constant shadow of animosity between Arabs and Jews, and the societal demand that boys be men. Above all, this is a universal story of family and love, friendship and fatherhood, the savage forces of memory, imagination and writing, and the life one leads after losing a loved one—a life that can still prove surprising.

Barams book “Land without borders” in JQ Wingate literary Prize long list with Amos oz, Nicole Krauss and others

December 10, 2017

“Land without borders” in JQ Wingate literary Prize long list with Amos oz, Nicole Krauss and others.
The longlist for the 2018 JQ (Jewish Quarterly) Wingate Prize has been announced, with “identity” singled out as this year’s overriding theme. Twelve books have been selected,

Jessica Cohen finished the translation of World Shadow (2018 publication)

October 19, 2017

The translator Jessica Cohen, winner of 2017 Man Booker International Prize for David Grossman’s novel “A Horse Walks Into a Bar”: finished the translation of Nir baram novel “World shadow”. In a post in Facebook she wrote about the translation
“Translating is writing. That is clear to all of us translators. And I never feel more like a writer than I do during those heart-pounding moments of anxiety as I prepare to let go and submit my work to the publisher. I’ve just done that with my 17th (!) book translation.
“World Shadow” is a long, ambitious, smart, political, personal, global, local, emotional, intellectual, unlike-anything-else novel by the hugely talented Nir Baram. It’ll take a while, but I can’t wait for this book to get out there and do its thing already!”

Nir Baram documentary will be in Other Israel festival in New York

Land without Borders documentary directed by Nir Baram and Michael Alalu (62 mintues) is based on Nir Baram Non fiction book “Land withour Borders (Text 2017)

Award-winning writer Nir Baram grew up in a political household. Both his father and grandfather were members of the Knesset and Ministers in the Israeli Labor Party governments. As Baram begins to lose faith in even the possibility of a two-state solution, he decides to travel throughout the West Bank to speak with the local populations on both sides of the conflict. He learns that in crucial substantive ways, the two groups don’t start from a common foundation. So how can they even participate in the same conversation? While the international focus of a two-state solution generally revolves around the “Green Line,” the average West Bank Palestinian on the street cares little about 1967 political borders when they desire the land they lost in 1948. These surprising revelations force Baram to challenge his entire political belief system and reevaluate his own hopes for a peaceful resolution to this conflict.

Sat 11/4 6:45pm JCC Manhattan
Sun 11/5 4:00pm NYU

for more details click read more

New York Times review on Land without Borders

May 28, 2017

In an Article about the most important books regarding 50 years of the 1967 war Nir Baram book received great review: “The great virtue of his book is that Baram lets his interlocutors speak for themselves : To hear it from the people who currently live in the occupied territories — 650,000 Jewish settlers and 2.7 million Palestinians — it is now as much a zero-sum game as ever. Their voices come through in A LAND WITHOUT BORDERS: My Journey Around East Jerusalem and the West Bank (Text Publishing, paper, $16.95), a wide-ranging travelogue from Nir Baram, an Israeli novelist, translated by Jessica Cohen…

Nir Baram interview with Brian Lehrer

April 17, 2017

Nir Baram was interviewed by Brian Lehrer in his Radio show in WNYC Radio about ‘Land without Borders’

Click read more to listen

A kirkus star review for A land without Borders

February 2, 2017

A kirkus star review for A land without Borders: “From horror to fatigue to indifference, an important look forward and back that provides a grass-roots sense that one state needs to satisfy sovereignty for all.”

to read the whole review click read more

The TLS review of Good People

January 7, 2017

An interesting review about Good People in Times Literary Supplement
“Good People chillingly captures the terrors and tensions of life under Stalin and Hitler.”

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Nir Baram published a story in the New Yorker about how he began to write

November 14, 2016

Nir Baram story in the New yorker:
“At night I used to pad up and down the dark hallways in our house and stop outside my parents’ bedroom. Bending over to squint through the keyhole, I could see my mother’s slight body huddled on the right side of the bed underneath heavy covers, her head disappearing among them. Ever since her body was consigned to the disease, my mother had been melancholy. She squabbled with fate, demanded an explanation (I’ve never harmed a soul, she insisted), and quoted the Psalm we always recited at the annual memorial service for her mother, my grandmother Sarah: “Princes have persecuted me without a cause.”

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Good people review in the Economist.

October 21, 2016

The Economist with a great review on Good people:
“Not monsters or even cynics, he answers in a pacey, plot-heavy novel of dramatic events and big ideas, but gifted storytellers fuelled by ordinary motives of love, loyalty or ambition. Blessed or cursed by the “elasticity of the human soul”, they wield this suppleness of spirit as “the hidden hand that smoothed out every wrinkle in the flag of truth”

Nir Baram in “Meet the Author” in the Guardian

September 22, 2016

Nir Baram in “Meet the Author” in the Guardian: How do we work and live in a society that we consider unjust?

This book looks at the second world war from the perspective of two characters, Sasha and Thomas, who collaborate with Stalin and Hitler respectively. What interested you about that subject?
“In Israel, the second world war and the Holocaust are something you grow up with. At school, in the army, you sometimes feel that the Holocaust is shoved down your throat. But in literature you tend to come across the usual character types: either the bureaucrats such as Eichmann, or the highly perverse caricature of a Nazi. In contrast, I wanted to look at the role of brilliant and creative people, kind of “free spirits”, who happened to find themselves living under those regimes. Sasha, for example, may not agree with the objectives of the NKVD, but working for them provides her first chance to shine, and an opportunity to realise her talents.”

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“And the reader captivated until the crushing end thanks to Nir Baram great art”

September 2, 2016

Review about World Shadow by Antje Deistler in Deutschlandfunk:

“In präziser, dichter Prosa widmet sich Nir Baram dem ausufernden Thema “Globalisierung”. Und dass daraus nicht die abgegriffen-sprichwörtliche schwere Kost, sondern ein auf höchst intelligente Weise unterhaltsamer Roman geworden ist, hat mit den glänzenden Fähigkeiten des 40-jährigen Schriftstellers zu tun. Stellen Sie sich also eher einen Goldbarren vor als einen Backstein.”

“Dabei will Baram weniger erklären als Fragen aufwerfen. Vieles bleibt absichtlich vage, dunkel und so undurchsichtig wie die vernetzte, globalisierte Welt selbst. Keiner blickt mehr durch, das große Ganze versteht niemand in diesem Buch, und dem Leser geht es konsequenterweise oft genauso. Dass man trotzdem, oder gerade deshalb, gefesselt bis zum niederschmetternden Ende weiterliest, ist der großen Kunst von Nir Baram zu verdanken.”

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A Review about Baram’s Nonfiction by the Palestinian writer Ala Hlehel

August 5, 2016

This is maybe the most profound review about “The land beyond the mountains” (Im Land der Verzweiflung) so Far which was written by the prominent Palestinian Writer Ala Hlehel, one of the most important voices in the Palestinian society.

“Documentary literature is supposed to work against this type of writing: To the greatest degree possible, it should nullify the personal desires of the writer, and strive to construct an “objective” reality. Baram may not be 100 percent dedicated to this premise, but he certainly succeeds in providing a stage for that sort of reality, where it (the reality) features as the main protagonist, constructed from situations, interviews, monologues, inner thoughts and descriptions. He also dispenses with the pretense of being an objective journalist, and succeeds in maintaining his artistic style with a clear, characteristic technique. This is one of the book’s major achievements.”

To read the whole article click read more or go to

World Shadow was chosen as one of the recommended novels by the editorial team of the ZDF- “Das Literarische Quartett”

July 17, 2016

World Shadow was chosen as one of the recommended novels by the editorial team of the ZDF- “Das Literarische Quartett”
“Nir Baram gilt als große Entdeckung der hebräischen Literatur. Zu Recht… Spannend wie ein Polit-Thriller kritisiert dieser Roman die globale Gier nach Geld und ruft zum Gegenentwurf auf.”

Nir Baram Non-fiction book is number 1 in the best list after 10 weeks in the list

May 31, 2016

3 months after publication the critically acclaimed Non-fiction book by Nir Baram which dominated the best-sellers list in the past 10 weeks is again number 1 in the Best-sellers list.

First review in Australia: “How does a man in his early 30s know how to write like this?”

May 7, 2016

First review for Good people in Australia was published in the national newspaper “The Australian” by the known reviewer Helen Elliott :”This is not a flawless novel but it is tremendous. I read it in two sittings and I learned a lot. How does a man in his early 30s know how to write like this?”

to read the full review click: read more

Nir Baram first non-fiction book coming out in February 2016

January 13, 2016

Nir Baram’s first Nonfiction book, which describes his one-year journey in the West bank and East Jerusalem will be published in Hebrew this February by Am Oved publishing house, and then later that month in Germany by Hanser Verlag: (“Im Land der Verzweiflung”). Baram began his journey a couple of months before the war in Gaza (summer 2014) and finished it in the end of 2015 after the new wave of violence erupts. Some of the chapters were published in Haaretz newspaper.

Baram meets a variety of people over the course of this journey: Palestinian-Israeli citizens trapped behind the Separation Wall in Jerusalem, a real no man’s land where neighborhoods have no municipal rule; children living in Kibbutz Nirim who experienced the war in Gaza, the rockets raining down on their homes; young Palestinians, the close friends of the Palestinian boy who was murdered by Jews. He experiences things like being held-up at occupation checkpoints with Palestinian laborers; meeting ex-prisoners from Hamas who have started a Hebrew language school in Ramallah, and ex-prisoners from Fatah who spent years detained in Israeli jails and who are now promoting a new peace initiative. He gets into a secluded settlers’ stronghold in the West Bank, and near Nablus he comes across two Palestinian boys tied up by the side of the road after allegedly trying to stab Israeli soldiers, only to find that the truth is something entirely different.

As the reportage is being written, both major and minor events take place throughout region: riots in the Temple Mount, the abduction of three Jewish boys, the murder of an Arab boy in Jerusalem, the war in Gaza, the building of a new Palestinian city, elections in Israel, a new wave of violence. Baram returns time and again to Jerusalem, the city where he was born and raised, discovering a huge, sprawling city that stretches to include places he’d never even heard of as a boy; a city where a hushed civil war is in full swing.

A reviews trailer in The Netherlands and Belgium for World shadow

November 8, 2015

World shadow publisher in The Netherlands and Belgium Released a cool and short trailer with many reviews: 5 stars in Nrc, 5 stars in Volkskrant, 5 stars in De Standaard, 4 stars in De morgen.

to watch click read more

world shadow with 5 stars review also in Volkskanrt

October 18, 2015

de Volskatrat, one of The Netherlands most important newspapers, also publish a 5 stars review about world shadow: “An ambitious novel without borders. This is Hamlet of the 21st Century.”

to read full review online press: read more

“Baram deserves a place in the front line of modern literature”

September 19, 2015

In a long one page review “world Shadow” receives 5 stars (the highest rate) in NRC book supplement. The review was written by the editor of the supplement Michel Krielaars:
“After ‘Good People’ Baram, the best young writer in Israel, proves his telnet once again with an overwhelming novel. As soon as you have finished World Shadow, you seriously wonder how it is possible a world strike hasn’t broken out in the real world, this is how shocked you are about the perverse workings of the system which Baram confronts you with. After finishing this brilliant written and Frighteningly urgent novel you are convinced something drastically has to change in our society dominated by hunger for money and power. For this fact alone Baram deserves a place in the front line of modern literature”

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Nir Baram finished his journey in the west Bank

September 18, 2015

Nir Baram’s one year journey in the occupied West Bank which documented in the reportage “walking the green line” (Haaretz newspaper) finished in the Palestinian village of Bartta with these words: “In a deeper sense, we need to acknowledge the fact that the situation will not change as a result of a peace deal in the Camp David or Geneva style, and that the problem does not lie in plans for an agreement. Indeed, there are plenty of creative plans, some of which were discussed in this series. In order to create the conditions that are required for a solution of the conflict, in order for us to be able to address all the possible “solutions,” a moral upheaval is required within Israeli society, based on the acceptance of one simple principle: whether in one state, two states or a confederation, Jew and non-Jew must be equal in all respects.The Jewish-Israeli propaganda machinery is dedicated to undercutting that principle, to turning it into a fantastical whisper of the naive. But that is the principle – not two states or one state – that must never be compromised.”

“Baram one of the best writers i have read in recent years”

July 2, 2015

A review in Mleinio, one of Mexico most important newspapers: “This novel is so brilliant and powerful, and the music of the language is so pure and marvelous that i almost cried when i finished it. Baram is one of the best writers in the world today”

El Mundo :”maybe the most impressive novel about our time”

May 25, 2015

“World Shadow’ may be the most impressive novel that was written about this era of discontent. And now we are not talking just about the great characters but about psychology, politics, and violence.”

El Pais: First Review about world Shadow in Spain!

March 31, 2015

An outstanding review about “World shadow” in El Pais, the most important newspaper in the Spanish world: “Tremendous description of the evils passions, and hopes that shape the world today. One of the most ambitious novels I have ever read. A lucid and torrential story of revolution, politics and defeat…You can hear in world shadow echoes of the underworld by Don Delillo, Echoes of rebellion, commitment, literature.”

«Tremenda descripción de los males, pulsiones y esperanzas que recorren el mundo actual. De lo más ambicioso que he leído. Un relato lúcido y torrencial de la revolución, la política y la derrota.»

World shadow Spanish translation by Alfaguara: 26/3/2015

December 27, 2014

WORLD SHADOW first publication outside of Israel will be in SPANISH BY AlfAGUARA on the 26/3/2015. In Israel the novel spent 4 months in the Best Seller list, including number 1, sold 20,000 copies, chosen as the book of the year by TIME-OUT magazine and Maariv newspaper, received raving reviews and was in the list of the Sapir prize.

World Shadow Is in the final list of the Israeli Booker prize- the Sapir Prize 2014

November 19, 2014

World Shadow is in the list for the Sapir Prize 2014. The Sapir Prize for Literature of Israel is the most important annual literary award presented for a work of fine literature. This is Nir Barams third nomination for his last three novels. His last two was also shortlisted.

World Shadow by Nir Baram hits No. 1 on Best-Seller lists!

November 16, 2013

3 months after publication – World Shadow by Nir Baram hits No. 1 on the Best-Seller lists. This goes to show the immense effect and the enthusiastic reactions this novel has in Israel.

Haaretz best seller

(Ha’aretz, 13.11.2013)

Haaretz – Neri Livneh

November 3, 2013

The famous and popular columnist of Haaretz Neri Livneh also writes about World shadow: ” This great novel is the only good thing to emerge from the social protest that took place two summers ago…There are three different voices in the book in three completely different styles. There is the voice of the individual, Gavriel Mansour, the tragic hero of the book. Mansour’s voice is heard through the narrator in beautiful Hebrew with a wonderful power of description. The other voices are delivered directly, without the narrator’s mediation. There is the voice of the American campaigners, whose polished, witty and purposeful style is expressed in their email exchanges. The voice of the protesters, who are trying to organize a worldwide strike with one billion participants, is also heard directly.”


Shelly Yachimovich

October 30, 2013

Shelly Yachimovich the head of the Israeli opposition in parliament wrote on her facebook page about “world shadow” (her post got more than 2000 likes and hundreds of comments):

Nir Baram’s World Shadow delves into the viscera of crony capitalism in Israel and similar arenas around the world. It explores the methods in which capital-intensive campaigns fabricate reality, what the next mass protest could look like, and how unbridled, insatiable greed, which no one even attempts to restrain, leads to… well, you’ll find out all about that in the book.

This is the most intelligent, insightful and thought-provoking documentation written to date of the economic, social, moral and cultural processes that are sending seismic waves throughout our world.

The novel is highly political, yet contains no moral sermons – it is a fun read. Baram has no pity for those in power or for their victims. He is cynical and empathetic towards everyone equally. And yet, despite having setting himself the rule of not taking a stand (and this is a good thing, because reading manifestos in novels is such a turn off), he manages to place a huge warning sign: when there are no balancing and restraining forces – there comes a moment where everything falls apart, and it doesn’t necessarily make the world a better place.

Haaretz Culture Supplement – World Shadow

September 20, 2013

“A real literary achievement. Surely one of the most impressive novels that were written in Hebrew in the past years. It is a mind-blowing epos that raises big questions about the human spirit, democracy, morals and violence.” 15/08/2013

(Ha’aretz Culture Supplement)

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Yedioth Ahronoth – World Shadow

August 13, 2013

“‘World Shadow’ is an astonishingly ambitious novel; it holds great promise and delivers on this promise and far more in the most admirable and brilliant way. A novel that while reading it one can close his eyes, and hear the wings of history clap.”

(Yedioth Ahronot, Ran Ben-Nun)

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NRC Handelsblad – Good People

November 15, 2012

NRC Handelsblad – On the front page of the most important literary supplement in the Netherlands there was a 2 page review on Good People.

The novel also got 5 stars out of 5: “With Good People the young Israeli author Nir Baram has written about the terrors of living under the regimes of Stalin and Hitler. It is done so majestically that it reaches the same level as books by Varlam Shalamov and Vasily Grossman.”


Tami Zar – Review on My Books Blog

October 18, 2021

I remember when I left a Santana concert somewhere in the 80s and I couldn’t think, I couldn’t put into words the intense feelings inside me. And maybe music wasn’t meant to be bent into words. When I finished reading The World is a Rumor I felt similar feelings, everything was confused inside me. I thought it couldn’t be that someone wrote something like this, in Hebrew. So I instantly read the whole book again. And to be absolutely sure I read it a third time. And now I can say responsibly that this is a great book. It’s a little problematic for me to say that it’s “a virtuoso book” because I said it about Nir Baram’s previous book, At Night’s End – yes, a virtuoso book in my opinion; only that The World is a Rumor is an even better book than the virtuoso predecessor.


′′I can see the dreams in their entirety, everything, and then return them to people in one sequence, like a memory, nothing disappears.” says one of the characters in the book. And Nir Baram can indeed, but it’s not just about dreams. He brings it all back, in one sentence, nothing slips away. Everything, I mean, life and everything.


Everything. And the intention in everything is everything that happens to a person inside, the continuum of thoughts, fears, dealing with every day, social connections, reactions, ideas, actions…-everything. The story tells of one character, Jonathan, but the accuracy in the descriptions of Jonathan’s experiences made me feel like the author turned me inside out and put on the page my whole inner world, or if you want: the inner world of every person. Yes, at first glance the reader may think that The World is a Rumor is a book in which the author tells about his life. And it may be so, I believe that every writer first draws from his own experiences. But the sources from which Baram created this “wonderful cake” is not the main thing. He took the best materials and created a wonderful symphony with them. It’s like he drew a map, a map of the inside. He managed to penetrate the inner chaos and put it on the page with such clarity until you can feel it, smell it or as it says in the book: ′′He showed her her nightly dreams with clarity, in one sequence, and she discovered more and more secrets that fell into the depths of her consciousness.”


And indeed it is about the depths, great travels in time, and consciousness. It felt like the great image of Gilgamesh who is unable to say goodbye to his good friend Enkidu spills over to Jonathan who refuses to say goodbye to his good friend Joel; despite their complex relationship. The lament on Joel, the love for him, threw me straight to Achilles’s tears on Patroclus. But I have no intention here to dive into the whole world of mythical and literary associations that The World is a Rumor is provoking, I guess respected professors at universities will do this for years.


As said, the book talks about ′′ life and everything ′′ and it also refers to the very contemporary present, which includes coronavirus, quarantine, and their social and personal impacts. It deals with tectonic changes in our lives, for example, the role of the father. Baram presents us with a father who until a few years ago had no right to exist. A father who describes feelings that every mother knows but until recently they allegedly belonged to mothers only, and here’s a quote – ′′Not long after Itamar was born, he started to feel beating in his body, another breath, another consciousness that he is occupied with. All his life, even when he loved people and even with Yoel in his childhood days, he was one in his consciousness, whereas after Itamar was born his consciousness split between him and the child. “ Fatherhood is one of the main topics in the book and it is tested in many directions including the society’s attitude to the change that is happening.


As said, the book is about life and it has everything, dreams, irritating events from the past that refuse to die. Show me one Human being in the world that doesn’t know this turbulence – bigotry, torment, friendships, relationship, parenting, loves. And besides, there is also a great story and there is suspense… What more can you ask for?  What a privilege that I can read this fine book in its original language. Welcome it with stormy applause – The World is a Rumor by Nir Baram. (Tami Zar, Review, My Books, Blog)

Reviews about The “World is a Rumor”

October 14, 2021

A dazzling portrait of wild youth and love on the on hand and of fatherhood and love on the other. Baram ability to crack open the nature of human existence’ the fascinating plot, the combination of Israeli reality and a world of mystery with a fantastic touch – are just part of the the book’s power. it is a contemporary and original masterpiece.

(writer and reviewer Anat Einhar, “Hebrew”, Critic choice)

A wonderful and again wonderful novel. a book you can not stop reading, and will make every reader emotional with a desire to look at its life”

(Yoav Ginai, National Radio)

A moving, surprising. exiting novel that miraculously balance reality and imagination, a must Read!”

(Noam Partom, Ynet)

“Fatherhood, friendship, love and betrayal, politics, Corona, imagination and reality are all mixed up in this wonderful and exciting novel, just read it”

(Keren Agmon, “only Books”)


The World is a Rumor/ Abstract

September 29, 2021

          Yonatan, an Israeli author haunted by the death of his best friend, sets off on a journey with his young son. They climb a mountain on which, rumor has it, lives a man with an extraordinary talent: he can make people’s memories disappear. As it turns out, the man on the mountain has been waiting for Yonatan for a long time. 

The encounter between them motivates Yonatan to investigate a mystery connected to his friend’s death and to the great loves of his life. So instead of his memories disappearing, Yonatan’s present is invaded by his past.

            He creates rich imaginary worlds for his son, like the ones he dreamed up in his childhood, and the two immerse themselves in these worlds with great passion—perhaps too great. When the pandemic begins, Yonatan is determined to shield his son from lock-downs and isolation, and their world is taken over by imaginary play. Are they losing control? Is Yonatan bringing back demons from his past and letting them into his son’s life?

            Yonatan gradually learns more about The man from the mountain: his name is Michael, although he once had other names. He used to erase people’s memories, but he also had ways to manipulate their dreams. When it all spiraled out of control, he disappeared for many years and has only recently resurfaced.

            But Michael disappeared again, clearly hiding something from Yonathan, and Yonatan goes on his own search. In his mind he travels two decades back, to his unstable relationship with his father. He also revisits a love triangle which ended in a betrayal that cost him his best friend and the girl they both loved. Was that where everything fell apart? Only when he discovers the tower where Michael is hiding, he will know truth.

            Yonatan’s quest leads him to places he never intended to reach, and he takes his beloved son with him. The integrity of his family is threatened by the search. but it also offers hope for freedom and a healing of the fissures.

            Nir Baram has written several best-sellers (including Good People, World Shadow, and At Night’s End), and his books have been translated into many languages and are critically acclaimed in both Israel and around the world. Three of his novels were short-listed for Israel’s prestigious Sapir Prize. His latest, The World is a Rumor, plunges into the passions, fears and loves that are always with us, and tells an unsettling and heartrending story of a father’s love for his son, of parents and children, the fragility of family, reality and imagination, the burning desire for intimacy with our loved ones, and the struggle to genuinely live in the present.

‘At Night’s End’ will be published in Australia in 29/9/2020

August 25, 2020


‘At Night’s End’ will be published in Australia on 29/9/2020. Translated by Jessica Cohen – Winner of the 2017 Booker prize – and published by ‘Text publishing’. Publication in US and UK will be in early 2021.

At Night’s End is a compassionate and personal novel about an extraordinary friendship between two boys who become men haunted by a shared past. It is also a universal story of family and love, and of the power of memory and imagination.

‘A masterpiece: This book will crawl under your skin and will not let go.‘ (NRC)

‘Skilfully, Baram plunges into the world in between: between life and death, childhood, adolescence and adulthood, between being a child and being a father, love and hate, day and night, intoxication and sobriety.’ (Aargauer Zeitung)

‘Baram is the best writer in his generation with no comparison.’ (A. B. Yehoshua)

‘Baram’s novels have the flair, emotional depth, and wealth of ideas of the great 19th-century Russian authors. A complex, deeply felt but never sentimental bildungsroman…A wonderful tribute to the people dearest to him.‘ (De TiJd)









At Nights End in the list of Best novels in 2020

July 27, 2020

Excited that “At Night End” was chosen by NRC editors as one of the best books of 2020 so far 

“This overwhelming novel by Nir Baram focuses on a friendship that has been watered down, but was once paradise. And then there is the guilt of a son towards his dead mother. It is all so recognizable. And that is exactly what makes Baram’s books so great. Baram takes you into the depths of the soul. This book will sit on your skin and will let you go quickly.”

Nir Baram interview – Crossing Border festival

June 12, 2020

The international literature festival “Crossing Border” invited Baram to a zoom interview with jasper Henderson about his Best Seller “At Night End” that was published in Nederland 3 month ago. The moving conversation was really about so many things – friendship, loyalty, betrayal, memory, love, writing, Hi school, 80s, Growing up in the Jerusalem where kids believe they have to be good soldiers, and more.

Now its all online here..

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Alfaguara will publish ‘At Nights End’ in Spanish

June 5, 2020

The Spanish prestige publishing House part of Penguin Random House will publish the novel in the Spanish speaking world in the middle of 2021.

Alfaguara also published Baram novels “Good People” and “World Shadow”

At Night’s End – “Dazzling mirror game”

May 25, 2020

“In Erwachen Baram unfolds a dazzling and increasingly clear and threatening mirror game that keeps the reader in suspense and on the go for 350 pages: The transition from childhood to adulthood breaks through Jonathan like an avalanche, from happiness to misfortune, from life to death…”

By Erich Klein in Ex Libris magazine: Worth to listen to the whole 8 minutes Radio Review here.

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“it is still a dark, mysterious place, bordered by the forest” – Review in Die Wochenzeitung

April 18, 2020

Really Interesting review about ‘Awakening’ in WOZ by Ulrike Baureithel that begins like a story-

“The dry valley, a wadi, runs east of Jerusalem through the desert to Jericho. The yellow house in which twelve-year-old Jonathan lives is separated from it only by a street. At the end of the eighties, it is still a dark, mysterious place, bordered by the forest, the military factory and the “high towers”, where the children live, with whom the teenagers of Beit Hakerem are hostile ..”

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Review in Aargauer zeitung

“Awakening” is a strong autobiographical novel. and is therefore very different from Baram’s novels “Good People” and “World Shadow’.

“Skilfully, Baram plunges into the world in between: between life and death, childhood, adolescence and adulthood, between being a child and being a father, love and hate, day and night, intoxication and sobriety.

Jonathan’s professional world is also shaped by this duality , when the writer creates a new world between reality and fantasy, draws from memories and yet changes them beyond recognition, sometimes even destroys them to create something new.”

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Nir Baram gave interview to Volkskrant

Nir Baram gave n interview to the dutch daily newspaper Volkskrant:

“The search for answers has resulted in At the End of the Night, Baram’s third novel translated into Dutch. It is a coming-of-age story and requiem in one. No prose that you surf over, but that you drag into the depths. It makes him “the best writer of his generation,” said writer A.B. Yehoshua, one of the patriarchs of Israeli literature.”

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